Irish red setter

Born: 15/2/2009
Breeder: Petr Herčík



Excellent, Class winner, Regional winner
Always excellent in adult category.


Natural ability hunting test with CACT title (ZV) - I.price, 220 points/ 228
Club natural ability hunting test with CACT title (KZV) - II. price, 185 points
International Field Trial with CACIT, CACT titles - elimination


ED 0/0


Our first dog, Eddie, has become basis piece of our "setter life". We choose him as a friend, with no previous experiences with setters, dog training or dogshows. He decided to change our life from the basis - so we fall in love with setters, and only thanks to him.
Eddie showed us what setter can do and on the other hand, can be. We learned how to train temperament dogs, which has enormous hunting passion;Eddie showed us coexistence with setter in apartment, together we solve allknown feeding issues, resistance to rewards, commands... Thanks to him we saw beautiful pointing of wild pheasants or perfect fetching of ducks, hares or pheasants. Thanks to him we leave our apartment only with whistle around neck, thanks to him we have special freezer for meat for dogs, where we store frozen training pheasants for neverending hunting training... Eddie is simply our teacher.

Eddie can be sort is "Classic czech line", with working parents. He has an excellent constitution and physique, excellent strong and solid back and the topline and perfect movement. His head is softer, can say "older type" that are becoming scarce in the population, also excels with parallel lines. Overall, he has no gross defects in his exterior, as evidenced by the "excellent" show results from all dogshows in adult category!

When he is moving in the field, he amazes everybody. From all the tests, which he attended, he took words of praise and admiration for his desire and will to search the terrain and passion to find and point pheasant and other wildlife, even from the international field trial. Our Eddie is not one-sided oriented dog. He literally loves fetching and retrieving, is is great fun for him. He is able to find a lost animal fetch hidden far far away, without hesitation retrieve pheasants, hares and ducks from deep water. There is unfortunately seen that he is is our first dog and so suffers from our lack of experience, because the higher hunting trials are not a problem for him.

Real setter - by heart and soul.