Irish red and white setter
Stud dog

Reg number: ČLP/RWS/261/13; import: PRK.VII-13430
Born: 29/4/2012
Breeder: Judyta + Beata + Robert Gnyp
Import Poland


Club working trial, Natural ability testing with CACT title, MSKAO CZ
I. DEGREE DIPLOMA, 228 POINTS / 228 possible,
overal 2nd place from all dogs

We entered this working trial as a great opportunity to train in field with lectors and some tips how to improve. But Cody shows his absolutely amazing character and great inherit natural abilities as setter should have. In whole working trial he has no hesitation, he fulfilled all disciplines with no mistake and get full points and he WIN this trial! We were on second place due to younger dog with same points. And only this few months in age was reason why we didn't get the working CACT title...

I was very happy and very proud to our Cody, he shows how setter should work, without any preparation or long training. My joy was amplified that this trial was organized by breeders club, so with absolute expertise to my breed.

This working trial is great thing how to check inherit working characters of a dog, there is a lot of disciplines as a pointing of pheasants as well as pointing of hares. Dog must prove his calm before escaping wild animal, calm working with shooting hunting rifle. A judges evaluate dog searching system and his speed in field as well as his passion to find and points pheasant and hares and quality of his nose! All working trial is designed as real hunt and judges check 15 different disciplines.

And finally, succesfull completion of this working trial entitle to have an international working certificate and enter a working class on dog shows.


Zhodnocení práce psa:
Pes kvalitních vlohových vlastností a pevného vystavení.

Soudcovská tabulka
Vrozená chuť k práci - 4
Hledání - systém - 4
Hledání - rychlost - 4
Hledání - vytrvalost - 4
Vystavování - 4
Postupování - 4
Nos - 4
Klid před zvěří pernatou - 4
Klid před zvěří srstnatou - 4
Chování po výstřelu - 4
Zájem o stopu zvěře - 4
Vodění na řemeni - 4
Poslušnost - 4
Celkový počet bodů = 228
Maximální počet bodů = 228
rozhodčí: Přemek Bouška, Ivo Kristek